Carpooling in Europe, of European travel 
Carpooling in Europe,

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Carpooling in Europe with
Community carpooling to travel around Europe!














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Home of car pooling in Europe

Carpooling in Europe, From country to country Carpooling in Europe, Carpooling in Europe, From region to region Carpooling in Europe, Carpooling in Europe, From town to town Carpooling in Europe,

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List of current routes

Bienvenu (e) in the European car pooling. Here you can place ads for travel throughout Europe, researching carpool trips throughout Europe. is more than 52 countries, 371 regions and 599 cities or large towns in Europe referenced. opened! Come and register to participate in its development and by connecting to the network of carpool ONLY European.

Carpooling in Europe,
Carpooling in Europe,

By participating you are contributing to the increase in a community that wants to link generator in Europe to carpool. You will go through some good games and is an environmentally friendly way to travel is currently the most effective.

The site is currently only in French but will soon be translated into other languages.

Euro-carpooling is:
  • research trips in Europe from country to country

  • research trips in Europe from region to region

  • research trips in Europe from town to town

  • only major urban agglomerations are referenced.

  • the ability to reference events across Europe.

  • can see a picture of the carpool, languages spoken, etc..

  • a system of automatic mail if a route has been added and that corresponds to your

  • a community whose access is totally free


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